Saturday, May 30, 2009

Three-year-old logic

Ms. Sweet Tooth always wants candy first thing in the morning. I told her she has to have some real food first. She's been sitting on the couch watching cartoons for about an hour now and she just told me "I've been laying her all the livelong day, so can I just have some candy now?"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

First crush (possible House spoiler, btw)

I'm pretty sure Delaney has a crush on Chase from House M.D. All of a sudden she has a new imaginary friend named Chase (although the original imaginary friend, Saga, is still around to take the blame for Delaney's wrongdoing). And she keeps talking about the "ending from House" - she snuck out of bed Monday night at 8:45 and I wasn't about to miss the ending. Last night she said "tell me about the ending from House" and I said "when they got married?" and she said "yeah. I'm that girl".

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Delaney the yogi

My mom was struggling with getting Delaney out of her carseat and getting frustrated. She muttered an "arrgh" or something and Delaney said "take a deep breath".

She said the same to me when I was complaining about my new-ish jeans falling apart.

Musical what?

Delaney was taking care of some potty business the other day and I was whistling a tune. She asked me why I was whistling while she peed - "because my pee sounded kinda musical?"