Thursday, May 14, 2009

First crush (possible House spoiler, btw)

I'm pretty sure Delaney has a crush on Chase from House M.D. All of a sudden she has a new imaginary friend named Chase (although the original imaginary friend, Saga, is still around to take the blame for Delaney's wrongdoing). And she keeps talking about the "ending from House" - she snuck out of bed Monday night at 8:45 and I wasn't about to miss the ending. Last night she said "tell me about the ending from House" and I said "when they got married?" and she said "yeah. I'm that girl".


Cary said...

It starts early. Kill me now.

ShannonElizabeth said...

aww. that's cute. I found your blog from Texas Tree House. I like your entries! I'll keep following. :) Little kids are amazing.