Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Random Naneyisms

  • My sister and I were celebrating our birthday last week. Delaney brought me the present that my sister had bought for me, handed it to me and said "I bought this for you, mama, happy birthday"
  • We were talking about vitamins, and I told Delaney that you get vitamin C from fruits like oranges, strawberries, and kiwi, and she said "what about vukka, is that a fruit" and I said "what's vukka, I've never heard of that" and she said "it's vukka. Now you've heard of it"
  • Delaney was cleaning up a big mess that she had made, and she said to my niece "Tryn, you're such a good cousin, I know you'll help me clean this up"
  • My mom and Delaney were sitting across the street from a seafood restaurant that has a big lobster as part of its logo. Delaney asked my mom if that was the lobster joint.


solitarykitsch said...

I lurve the second one..."now you've heard of it."

Naney rocks.

Cary said...

Happy belated birthday, D. Somehow I missed it on FB. Hope it was nice.

queenumber9 said...

I did blog walking and found your blog.
Your daughter is very clever.. my greet to her. :)